Book Review: Spook’s Revenge By Joseph Delaney

The Spook’s Revenge, the final book on the Wardstone Chronicles. This book dwells on the events after Spook’s Alice. After coming out of the dark, Alice encounters Grimalkin, who gives her an idea on how to destroy the Fiend, by reading the grimoire Doomdryte. While this is occurring, Tom and the Spook, on the other hand prepares and thinks of ways to fully defeat The Fiend.

Having read all the books before this, I was both very excited and sad to read this book, for the same reason which is, it is the final book of the series, The Wardstone Chronicles. To my judgement I was very happy with The Spook’s Revenge. I can tell that Joseph Delaney went all out on writing the book. Tying up loose ends and giving it an ending that stayed true to the nature of the plot and yet a satisfying one at that.

There are a lot of things that happens in this book, deaths, betrayals, unexpected alliances so much that would definitely give the reader that sense of excitement and the feeling of not having any clue on what is going to happen next. It is unpredictable and quite shocking at points. It does take you on an emotional roller coaster but in the end it delivers a gratifying ending. Long time fan of the series would have no problem with the conclusion but I’m certain some won’t be too pleased.

The writing as usual is magnificent, Joseph Delaney really knows how to extract emotions from his readers, whether it is happiness, sadness or the sense of victory on also as said on the title that vengeful emotion. As we follow through events in the eyes of Tom Ward, we are very sympathetic on what happens to him in the book and all of it is due to Delaney’s writing.

To conclude, as a big fan of the series from reading the first book to this. I am very pleased and very happy with this book, I am quite sad since it is the final book on this series but as the foreboding events in Spook’s Slither, we may not have seen the last of Tom Ward although the sneak peak at the back of the book confirms this as well. I do not think this is the best in this series, The Spook’s Nightmare followed by Destiny are still my favorite, however the Spook’s Revenge is still a strong and rewarding book for long time fans.