Graphic Novel Review: Cairo by G. Willow Wilson

I read Cairo, at around 2am in the morning in hopes to make me fall asleep as I read through. To my surprise, I wasn’t able to drop the book all thanks to it’s engaging story telling. From start to finish, Cairo never had a dull moment. Cairo starts off with one of its protagonist, Ashraf, seemingly talking to the readers, sort of breaking the fourth wall. He proceeds and tell “Today I hit one of those stoned camels with my truck”. The next panel shows exactly this and Ashraf was being literal when he said he hit a stoned camel with his truck and by stoned he meant high. He then proceeds to explain how camels get stoned, and from there onwards I knew this was gonna be a fun read.

Alongside Ashraf, he is also joined by four other people. Of course none of them know each other at beginning of the novel, but they do get together through magical circumstances. All characters are well written, and for the few pages that you spend with each of them, the author manages to make you care for them. The novel does have a magical side as it contains, genies, demons and other supernatural entities. All of it are handled really well and almost makes you want to get into the mythology of it.

The illustrations are amazing and are drawn beautifully however the whole novel is in black in white so it may bother some readers. That said, with a creative story such as this it shouldn’t be in issue at all. To top it off, Cairo is an enjoyable read from start to finish, it is humorous, magical and a gem of a graphic novel and undoubtedly will keep you wanting more.