TV Show Review: Marvel’s The Defenders

The thing about war is… it only works if both sides believe they’re the good guys

The Defenders is the highly anticipated own superhero team up, featuring The Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist.

The Good

There are plenty to like about The Defenders, from the fight choreography to the cinematography this show offers plenty of action packed sequences that without a doubt entertain you.


One cool thing that’s very noticeable is how each character have their own hue in their scenes. With Daredevil having a red, Jessica Jones with purple/blue, Iron Fist with green and Luke Cage with yellow/orange. It’s a nice little touch that stood out and gave the characters a unique vibe.


Another impressive aspect of the show are some of the villains, Madam Gao, Murakami, Sowande and to some extent Sigourney Weaver’s Alexandra. The characters themselves are interesting, and though not very threatening to our heroes they have a certain charisma to them that helps the flow of the story.

The Bad

Unfortunately the show can’t be saved by flashy fight scenes alone as the story itself isn’t as great. The dialogue isn’t impressive either and at times it can be downright corny. You can tell the show doesn’t have a big budget and unfortunately it lowers the show’s overall quality.


Another issue are the side characters, apart from Rosario Dawson’s character, the side characters from each show aren’t given a lot to do and it’s quite disappointing.


Overall The Defenders isn’t perfect it’s not as great as some of the stand alone series but it does deliver in the team up side of things. The fight choreography is great and the cinematography compliments this very well. The interactions between our heroes are fun to watch and though it’s not the same as when we saw the Avengers for the first time, but to see them interact with each other is entertaining.

The Villain, The Hand, isn’t very threatening but it did give us cool characters to look out for. Overall The Defenders delivers an entertaining show, filled with flaws but also filled with great superhero action.

Good Bad 3/5
  • Amazing Action
  • Jessica Jones’ One Liners
  • The Defenders themselves
  • Poor Dialogue
  • Pointless Side Characters

TV Series Review: Daredevil Season 2

You hit em and they get back up, I hit em and they STAY DOWN!!

Daredevil Season 2 is what The Dark Knight did to Batman Begins or what Winter Soldier did to The First Avenger. It was better in every form and exceeded any expectations I had.

The Good

The new characters are an exciting addition to the already impressive roster. Jon Bernthal as The Punisher and Elodie Yung as Elektra bring nothing less than their A game and brought these characters to the screen in the way they see fit. And it works, their characters are given a lot of great material specially The Punisher. Jon Bernthal manages to give The Punisher an incredibly strong personality, practically delivering the best on screen performance of the character.


While Bernthal shines as a new comer Elodie Yung’s Elektra is also someone you should look out for. Elektra is sly, manipulative very mysterious and yet playful in a very dangerous way. As someone who simply wants to reconnect with her college sweetheart. You just know something is more to it and Yung plays Elektra’s mystique to perfection.


With more characters added to the mix, the usual characters have to step their game up and glad to say they did. The interactions between the new and old characters are great and it makes up for intense and interesting scenes. Mainly Matt Murdock’s conversations with The Punisher and Elektra are filled with great memorable dialogues. While Deborah Ann Woll’s Karen Page has also improved and really proves time and time again that she’s not to be underestimated. Elden Henson’s Foggy Nelson had also some great moments and he truly shines in his scenes. Makes it more easier for the audience to like him.

The fight scenes, this time around, are a lot more violent and more blood is shown and Daredevil truly embraced the R Rating that’s given to them. They are still incredible to watch and delivers some of the best fight scenes to be shown on the small screen.

The Bad

Though everything seemed to be better than the first season, there are small complaints I’ve garnered through my binge-watching of Daredevil. One of them is story progression, Daredevil started of incredibly strong and it carried it all the way to the middle. However just when you’re at the end, it felt as if the momentum has slowed down and maybe it’s because of exhaustion from seeing so many good stuff but the latter parts of the series are not as strong as the earlier episodes.

It felt as if some of the writings been rushed and with so many story arcs happening throughout the season it felt as if the culmination of everything wasn’t properly planned. Resulting of everything being ¬†all over the place.


Overall Daredevil Season 2 is a worthy follow up to the first season, not only were the characters great it gave everyone the chance to shine. The stakes are higher this time around and it gave the characters the push to go and beyond what have already done. The fight scenes are more graphic and it’s definitely grittier. However seeing as Hell’s Kitchen is a place crawling criminals and vigilantes, the gore and violence feels right at home.

Easily the best Marvel Property to be seen on-screen, Daredevil Season 2 is definitely worth checking out and worth spending 13 hours for it.

Good Bad 4.9/5
  • Jon Bernthal as Punisher / Elodie Yung as Elektra
  • Strong Dialogues
  • Incredible Fight Sequences
  • Story Progression on Latter Episodes

Graphic Novel Review: Daredevil: Born Again by Frank Miller, Art by David Mazzucchelli

Born Again by Frank Miller is without a doubt one of the most maturely written Daredevil story. It starts off with the tragic case of Karen Page’s drug addiction. Unfortunately for her it got severely bad that she traded The Daredevil’s identity just to get a fix.

As The Daredevil’s identity travels from person to person. It eventually got into the hands of The Kingpin. This information in hand, The Kingpin devised a plan to destroy everything around Matthew Murdock and ensure’s he suffers before delivering the Coup de Grace.

Whenever you search a top ten list of comics, without a doubt Daredevil is mentioned. It might be the fact that the character is incredibly grounded that readers might actually see, no pun intended themselves be that person. He’s not a millionaire, doesn’t have superpowers but rather heightened senses, though that barely counts as a superpower. However most of the times he’s vulnerable. And in Born Again we see his vulnerability affect him to an incredible extent. We see him beaten down, broken, barely alive and we empathize. We want him to make it, to get revenge on the Kingpin. However this is not a revenge story but more of a fall and rise story.

It reminds us that some heroes are also human, that heroes also have emotions likewise a breaking point. As we see Matthew Murdock in his, some of us may know how it feels to be at the very bottom to the point of having absolutely nothing to lose. That itself is the driving point of the story and it wonderfully written.

The art is off 80-90s comics and it is beautiful to look at. Characters like Ben Urich, The Kingpin and also Karen Page are fleshed out and adds substance to the story. The only real complain that I would point out is how underwhelming the ending is. That said, it is still an amazing story and one which is worth reading.

Rating: 4/5