Book Review: The Spook’s Slither by Joseph Delaney

Spook’s Slither is the 11th book in Joseph Delaney’s Wardstone Chronicles. It follows a Haizda Mage named Slither.

Slither’s Tale does not particularly have a strong connection to the on going series other than it features one of the main characters in the form of Grimalkin. Nonetheless I find this a swift and a very entertaining read. It features monsters, assassins, mages and a whole lot amount of action involving decapitations, blood drinking and other nasty doings. All of it of course makes up a very solid journey overall.

The book is told in to two different perspectives. One is told by the protagonist Slither and the other in the view of Nessa. Slither is not the usual hero that we get. In fact we can tell that he is a monster through and through he will kill, drink blood, decapitate and he loves a good competition. Bounded by a trade he is forced to take care of 3 human girls one of which is Nessa, the other perspective in the book. Nessa brings the humanity in the book, that human perspective that will give a humanistic reaction to monsters and their doings. This, in return gives a perfect blend in the book, switching from one perspective to another when needed.

Another factor to take in to the book is Grimalkin. To me, I feel like Grimalkin was needed in the book. Her personality and charisma brings lively tone and gives the readers that extra nudge to keep them on reading.

To conclude, Delaney, successfully expanded the universe the original series is in. It is indeed a great expansion, but I feel like this should have been written after the main story arc has been finished. I can also confidently say that loyal readers can skip this book and go straight to book 12 after book 10 and they would not miss anything from the main arc. However this should be a satisfying read to readers who would want to take a break from the main story.

Book Review: A Dance of Blades By David Dalglish

A Dance of Blades is the sequel to Dalglish’s A Dance of Cloaks. It occurs five years after the events of A Dance of Cloaks. This time, rather than the book focusing on the villainous Thren,this time it focuses more on his son Aaron and his development in being Hearn The Watcher.

After finishing the first book, A Dance of Cloaks, I had high expectations for A Dance of Blades. That said I was not disappointed, but rather this book exceeded any expectations I had. A Dance of Blades, lives up to it’s name for the book is very much a continuous fight scene. It is one intense fight after another. It is a page turner of a book and it is one that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Apart from the exceptionally written fight scenes, there are a lot of things in this book to love. New characters are introduced and they are as interesting as the protagonist. Each having a strong motive for their actions and equally dangerous as the other. Returning characters are also well developed from the last book and they are still as interesting as they were. However, none of these characters are safe for as interesting or well loved as they are. The book gives you a fearing sensation that anyone could die at any given time. It really does make you worry for any favorite you have chosen.

To conclude, A Dance of Blades is an outstanding sequel, with Dalglish not holding anything back he gives you that feeling that anything can happen. With high octane fight scenes, amazing character developments, unpredictable plot and not to mention profoundly despicable villains. A Dance of Blades is a dark, dangerous, bloody and truly an unforgettable tale of survival that will leave you wounded and craving for more.