Movie Review: Pitch Perfect 3

Last Call, Pitches

Pitch Perfect 3 is the third movie in the Pitch Perfect series. It’s Directed Trish Sie and it stars the usual Pitch Perfect crew with Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow, Anna Camp and Rebel Wilson.


The Good

There’s very little good things about this movie, mainly if you’re someone who’s into covers and the singing battle they call a Riff-off you might enjoy the parts where they do so.

The Bad

This was a painful movie with an abundance of unfunny fat jokes. Rebel Wilson who was tolerable in the first movie, was annoying in this movie. Another annoying part is DJ Khaled, granted he’s not in screen a lot but do they mention his name a hundred times beating you over the head with the fact that he’s in the movie.


Anna Kendrick seems like she’s lost passion with this project and was clearly doing this for the paycheck and also we get John Lithgow with a terrible Australian accent.



Overall there’s really no big reason to watch this in the cinemas. It’s unfunny and even the singing wasn’t as good as before. Pitch Perfect 3 is what you call a cash grab taking advantage of naive viewers thinking they would go in there and have a good time. Not Recommended, (just keep watching the first one).

Good Bad 1/5
    • Generally Unfunny
    • Fat Jokes
    • Tired Plot
    • DJ Khaled



Movie Review: Mr Right

When two charming leads come together you would think they’d deliver a great movie with a lot witty dialogue, hilarious comedic scenes and likable romance. Unfortunately Mr. Right is not that movie.

maxresdefault (1)

After witnessing his boyfriend cheating oh her with another woman, Martha (Anna Kendrick), goes on a self destructive path hurting everyone around her. That is until she meets Francis (Sam Rockwell) who sweeps her off her feet little does she know that Francis is a Professional Hit-Man with multiple targets on his back.

The Good

The only good thing going on in this film is Sam Rockwell. He’s charming, witty and sometimes funny. The rest well…


The Bad

The movie is flat out terrible, the actions scenes are bland. The dialogue wasn’t bad, it wasn’t great either. You may get a chuckle here and there but there’s no genuine funny moment. The romance is even worse as it’s incredibly unbelievable but the most disappointing part of the film is Anna Kendrick.


As a fan of hers, I found her unbearable. She’s irrational and incredibly dumb. Her material is dreadful and she’s got plenty of eye rolling dialogues and scenes. This is possibly the worst I’ve seen her in any film she’s been on and as a fan of her work, it’s very disappointing.

Last but not least is Tim Roth who tried and horrendously failed to produce a convincing southern accent. An accent he should never ever attempt again. It was cringe-worthy and just plain horrible.


Overall, Mr. Right is not worth anyone’s time, it’s a movie filled with childish, unfunny jokes and for it’s credit the movie doesn’t take itself seriously, it’s borderline a parody film and it knows it. There’s a target audience for these kinds of movies and that’s fine. It will hit those audience and they’ll like it but generally speaking, it’s a terrible film.

Good Bad 1.5/5
  • Sam Rockwell
  • Anna Kendrick
  • Unfunny Jokes
  • Tim Roth’s Southern Accent