TV Show Review: Marvel’s The Defenders

The thing about war is… it only works if both sides believe they’re the good guys

The Defenders is the highly anticipated own superhero team up, featuring The Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist.

The Good

There are plenty to like about The Defenders, from the fight choreography to the cinematography this show offers plenty of action packed sequences that without a doubt entertain you.


One cool thing that’s very noticeable is how each character have their own hue in their scenes. With Daredevil having a red, Jessica Jones with purple/blue, Iron Fist with green and Luke Cage with yellow/orange. It’s a nice little touch that stood out and gave the characters a unique vibe.


Another impressive aspect of the show are some of the villains, Madam Gao, Murakami, Sowande and to some extent Sigourney Weaver’s Alexandra. The characters themselves are interesting, and though not very threatening to our heroes they have a certain charisma to them that helps the flow of the story.

The Bad

Unfortunately the show can’t be saved by flashy fight scenes alone as the story itself isn’t as great. The dialogue isn’t impressive either and at times it can be downright corny. You can tell the show doesn’t have a big budget and unfortunately it lowers the show’s overall quality.


Another issue are the side characters, apart from Rosario Dawson’s character, the side characters from each show aren’t given a lot to do and it’s quite disappointing.


Overall The Defenders isn’t perfect it’s not as great as some of the stand alone series but it does deliver in the team up side of things. The fight choreography is great and the cinematography compliments this very well. The interactions between our heroes are fun to watch and though it’s not the same as when we saw the Avengers for the first time, but to see them interact with each other is entertaining.

The Villain, The Hand, isn’t very threatening but it did give us cool characters to look out for. Overall The Defenders delivers an entertaining show, filled with flaws but also filled with great superhero action.

Good Bad 3/5
  • Amazing Action
  • Jessica Jones’ One Liners
  • The Defenders themselves
  • Poor Dialogue
  • Pointless Side Characters

TV Show Review: 13 Reasons Why

It has to get better. The way we treat each other and look out for each other. It has to get better somehow.

13 Reasons Why is based on a best selling book by Jay Asher. It stars Katherine Langford, Dylan Minnette, Kate Walsh, and more.


When Clay receives 13 cassette tapes containing a voice recording of his former classmate Hannah, depicting 13 reasons why she killed herself. He stops at nothing to uncover the truth about her suicide and confront those all who’re involved.

The Good

13 Reasons is a very powerful show with a very heavy message. One of the best things about this show is how they handled topics such as suicide, depression, bullying, drug-abuse but more importantly sexual abuse. The show doesn’t dance around the topic but rather tackle it head on.


The actors/actresses are mostly new names and with the exception of some they are still great overall. This is an impressively acted show and with a heavy theme the cast did an incredible job in their roles.

The best thing in the show however, is it’s story. The way it was told and the way it draws the viewer in, the pacing of it all was well executed. The show tackles some very dark themes but as a viewer it keeps you wanting to know more and makes you look forward to each episode right until the very end.

The Bad

There are very little complaints, and they are minor, but the show becomes inconsistent at times. With one strong issue being brought up with one episode, yet it never fully gets dealt with until three episodes later. Or how some characters, behaved at the beginning of the series despite the situation they’re in.


The music can become overbearing at times and it becomes distracting. Especially on certain scenes where a viewer should be heavily affected. The music mostly consist of indie songs, unfortunately majority of these didn’t mesh well with as the show progresses.


Overall 13 Reasons Why is an incredibly powerful show, a viewer has to be in a certain mindset to get through some of the episodes as it gets disturbing. However with the importance of the message they’re telling here, it’ll help to pay full attention to it when watching.


The cast is incredibly diverse and that’s one thing the show should be credited on as it worked in their favor. It really captured what it feels like when you were in high school.

As mentioned the show tackles topics such as suicide, depression, substance abuse and sexual abuse and unless you’re willing to face the harsh reality about these topics, you shouldn’t watch it. But with a very powerful message it’s encouraged that, apart from kids, everyone should check this out.

Good Bad 4.5/5
  • Powerful Message
  • Amazing Cast
  • Well Told Story
  • Minor Inconsistencies
  • Music

And if you are someone who’s going through similar hardships depicted in this show, you are not alone and there are people willing to help and it’s important to call for help. Likewise if you know someone who’s going through something, be there for that person the smallest things can help a person’s life.

Oscar 2017 Predictions (Updated Results)

2016 been a phenomenal year for movies and with the Oscars right around the corner it’s for me to list out my predictions for the prestigious awards ceremony.

Best Picture

It’s still a mystery why the Oscars couldn’t just nominate 10 movies instead of 9 as there are more movies that are at least worth the nomination. However the list of nominees are still deserving of their nomination.



Hacksaw Ridge
Hell or High Water
Hidden Figures
La La Land
Manchester By The Sea

Prediction: Moonlight

Moonlight is universally loved by everyone including critics and casual movie goers and upon winning the Golden Globe, it is currently the strongest contender to win the Oscar.

Winner: Moonlight

Actor in a Leading Role



Casey Affleck: Manchester by the Sea
Andrew Garfield: Hacksaw Ridge
Ryan Gosling: La La Land
Viggo Mortensen: Captain Fantastic
Denzel Washington: Fences

Prediction: Casey Affleck (Manchester by the Sea)

With Denzel having won already 2 Oscars, it’s highly unlikely that they will give this to him. As for Andrew Garfield this is his first nomination and as much as I’d like him to win on his first nomination, I don’t think his role in Hacksaw Ridge is worthy for the award. It boils down to Viggo Mortensen, Casey Affleck and Ryan Gosling. And having seen Manchester by the Sea, it’s only right that Casey Affleck wins this award.

Winner: Casey Affleck

Actress in a Leading Role



Isabelle Huppert: Elle
Ruth Negga: Loving
Natalie Portman: Jackie
Emma Stone: La La Land
Meryl Streep: Florence Foster Jenkins

Prediction: Natalie Portman (Jackie)

Another great list of nominations though Amy Adams not getting a nomination from either Arrival or Nocturnal Animal is surprising. Meryl Streep getting another nomination every time she makes a film is starting to be Oscar meta. Happy with Isabelle Huppert getting a nomination for Elle but it boils down to Emma Stone and Natalie Portman and as for Ruth Negga, it’s her first nomination so it’s unlikely she’ll win.

Winner: Emma Stone

Actor in a Supporting Role



Mahershala Ali: Moonlight
Jeff Bridges: Hell or High Water
Lucas Hedges: Manchester by the Sea
Dev Patel: Lion
Michael Shannon: Nocturnal Animals

Prediction: Mahershala Ali (Moonlight)

In quite possibly the toughest category they have this year, best actor in a supporting role is stacked with great performances. Quite disappointed that Aaron Taylor Johnson didn’t get a nomination for his role in Nocturnal Animals but the same can we said with other actors. As for the winner, Mahershala Ali got this Oscar in the bag.

Winner: Mahershala Ali

Actress in a Supporting Role



Viola Davis: Fences
Naomi Harris: Moonlight
Nicole Kidman: Lion
Octavia Spencer: Hidden Figures
Michelle Williams: Manchester by the Sea

Prediction: Naomie Harris (Moonlight)

Another great list of nominees for this category, being really impressed with Naomi Harris’ in her performance in Moonlight, I’m rooting for her to win, however with Michelle Williams gaining her fourth nomination, it might be between the two.

Winner: Viola Davis

Animated Feature Film



Kubo and the Two Strings
My Life as a Zucchini
The Red Turtle

Prediction: Zootopia

Though quite disappointed that Makoto Shinkai’s Your Name isn’t nominated this is also good list, very happy with Kubo being nominated but Zootopia has this Oscar in the bag.

Winner: Zootopia




La La Land

Prediction: La La Land

Very happy with the nominations on this category as all films nominated are spectacular when it comes to the cinematography. However La La Land is one of the beautifully shot film of the year and therefore I have no doubt that it will win the Oscar for best cinematography.

Winner: La La Land




Dennis Villenueve: Arrival
Mel Gibson: Hacksaw Ridge
Damien Chazelle: La La Land
Kenneth Lonergan: Manchester By The Sea
Barry Jenkins: Moonlight

Prediction: Damien Chazelle (La La Land)

This is a no-brainer, with the increased popularity of La La Land, and the incredible feat that Damien Chazelle pulled with La La Land. It would be surprising if he doesn’t win the Oscar.

Winner: Damien Chazelle

Adapted Screenplay



Hidden Figures

Prediction: Arrival

Winner: Moonlight

Original Screenplay



Hell or High Water
La La Land
The Lobster
Manchester by the Sea
20th Century Women

Prediction:La La Land

Winner: Manchester by the Sea


And there you go, my prediction for this year’s Oscars, overall the nominations were great, with La La Land being nominated for 14 Oscars, it would be interesting to see which categories will it win. There are plenty of first time nominations, from Andrew Garfield, Dev Patel, Naomi Harris and Mahershala Ali. By the looks of it the Academy managed to suppress the controversy that surrounded them last year. That said, the Oscars should still be a fun watch, not a fan of Kimmel hosting but hey at least we got a great set of nominations.

Top 10 Movies of 2016

2016 have gone and passed and though it’s been a hit and miss for big budget blockbuster movies, no doubt the year has given us some of the most memorable movies to date.

Counting down is my personal top 10 movies of the year, this list is purely subjective and it’s not an official list of any sort.

10. The Witch


Coming at number 10 is The Witch, this haunting movie gave me the creeps when I watched it. From the gloomy look to the sound design to the characters it’s a very creepy movie and it’s one that puts shivers down your spine.

9. Deadpool


Coming in at number 9 is the Merc with the Mouth, Deadpool. Boy am I glad that this film did great. From the jokes to the characters this movie is incredibly funny and solidifies Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool. It revitalized his career and without a doubt revitalized the property.

8. Kubo and The Two Strings


Number 8 is one I was really excited to watch and glad to say I really liked. Kubo and the Two Strings, the stop motion animation was jaw droppingly incredible. The voice acting was great as well as the mythology. Laika studios should be proud of this movie as it is one of the better animations to come out this year.

7. Star Wars: Rogue One


Number 7 is Rogue One A Star Wars Story, I appreciated this film with the tone it took. With darker tone and more serious characters this broke off from the original movies and gave it it’s own personality. The 3rd act of this movie was an intense edge of your seat moment and every Star Wars fan should check it out.

6. Dr. Strange


Number 6 is a superhero movie, Dr Strange. Much like Deadpool this is another origin story but an extremely effective one. The mind bending visuals gave me a unique viewing experience and not to mention that Benedict Cumberbatch depicted Dr Stephen Strange perfectly.

5. Nocturnal Animals


Nocturnal Animals comes in at number 5 and what a great movie this is. The story within a story format worked really well and it’s very tense. All four leads were great in their roles especially Aaron Taylor Johnson. This is an incredibly strong thriller and one that’s worth checking out.

4. The Wailing (Goksung)


Number 4 is a Korean horror movie, The Wailing. This movie is amazing, it’s got horror, drama and mix in a little bit of mystery and you got this gem. The mythology they used to craft such a gripping story is awesome. One of the better foreign movies this year and it’s definitely worth checking out.

3. La La Land


Number 3 is La La Land, directed by Damien Chazelle. La La Land is a musical that features Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. This movie is beautiful, from the music to the look to the dance numbers everything about this movie is near perfect. Definitely one of the best movies of the year.

2. Captain America: Civil War


Adapted from one of the most successful storylines in the comics, Civil War pits Captain America and Iron Man against each other as their different ideologies clash as well as their fists. This is a dream come true for fans who loved the Civil War series and to finally see it depicted in the big screen is incredible. The Russos did a masterful job in adapting the storyline and it makes me want to look forward to their next project.

1. Your Name (Kimi no na wa)


Coming in at number 1 and my personal favourite movie of the year is Your Name. Makoto Shinkai has done it again with his gut wrenching romance and story telling. The animation on this film is gorgeous, the music accompanies the film very well and our two leads are great. The body swapping story worked really well and was executed perfectly.

So there you go my top 10 films of 2016. There are other great movies that came out this year. Movies such as Arrival, Green Room, Zootopia, Moana and the list goes on but these 10 movies are my personal favourites. Let me know if you agree with me tell what are yours in the comment section below. Thank You for taking the time to read this and until next time!!

Top 10 Most Anticipated Films of 2017

With 2016 nearing it’s end, one could say that this year has been phenomenal with movies. Disney in particular has had a huge success with it’s properties. From the release of Finding Dora, Zootopia, The Jungle Book and Moana not to mention the huge success of the the Marvel movies and recently Star Wars Rogue One. It’s safe to assume that Disney dominated this year’s box office.

2017 in the other hand is looking promising with it’s releases. With possible box office draws like Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 2, Kong: Skull Island not to mention intriguing releases such as the remake for Stephen King’s It, a Blade Runner sequel as well as the movie adaptation of The Dark Tower. Nonetheless 2017 should be a great year for cinema and cinema goers alike.

But without further ado, here is my top 10 list for movies I personally can’t wait to watch.

10. Thor: Ragnarok

thor-3Though a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Thor franchise hasn’t quite had the success of Iron Man and Captain America. However with the movie’s third installment, interest are peaked as this time he’s being joined by not one but two major MCU characters in the form of Mark Ruffalo as The Hulk and Benedict Cumberbatch as Dr Strange.

However what really intrigued me about this movie is it’s director Taika Waititi. Taika is a film director from New Zealand and being from New Zealand myself I’m rooting for this movie to be exceptional. With a very satirical form of film making it will be interesting to see what he does with the property.


Chris Hemsworth (Thor)
Cate Blanchett (Carol)
Benedict Cumberbatch (Doctor Strange)

Directed By: Taika Waititi (Hunt for the Wilderpeople)
Release Date: 3 November 2017

9. It

itEveryone is familiar with the 1990s mini-series with the same title as well as the popular book. Well It is now being remade into a full-length movie and I for one am pretty excited for It. Having seen the mini-series I’m intrigued on how It will transition to a full-length film.

The mini-series of course was in two parts and it fleshed out the characters and really gave that epic feel to it. This movie will be directed by Andres Muschietti who did Mama which is another horror movie nonetheless we can only hope this movie will be something worth remembering in the future.


Bill Skarsgard (Allegiant)
Finn Wolfhard (Stranger Things)
Jaeden Lieberher (Midnight Special)

Directed By: Andrés Muschietti (Mama)
Release Date: 8 September 2017

8. Justice League

jl Despite the disappointing turn out of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, what that movie did is sort of cement the foundations of the DC Cinematic Universe. Zack Snyder is directing again and a part of me is hoping that he has learned his lesson and actually give this a decent story and be a competent movie overall.

I have a feeling it won’t be as strong as the first avenger movie but I am rooting for it not to be a complete disaster. I am looking forward to this movie just for curiosity’s sake but if anything can redeem the the current state of the DC Cinematic Universe it would be Justice League.


Ben Affleck (Live By Night)
Ezra Miller (Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them)
Gal Gadot (Batman V Superman)

Directed By: Zack Snyder (Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice)
Release Date: 17 November 2017

7. Dunkirk

dunkirkChristoper Nolan’s next film following Interstellar is Dunkirk. Dunkirk is a WW2 movie and despite moving from the usual Science Fiction that Christopher Nolan usually does. It’ll be interesting to see what he does in a big budget war movie.

As usual expectations will be high coming in to this movie and I have no doubts that Dunkirk will give it’s audience a great cinematic experience.


Tom Hardy (The Revenant)
Cillian Murphy (Anthropoid)
Mark Rylance (Bridge of Spies)

Directed By: Christopher Nolan (Interstellar)
Release Date: 21 July 2017

6. Annihilation

annihilationComing from his amazing directorial debut Alex Garland’s new project is Annihilation. Based on the first book of The Southern Reach Trilogy Annihilation tells the story of four women who venture into a place where the laws of nature don’t apply. I’ve read the book this film is being based off on and I wasn’t too thrilled about it. However with Alex Garland adapting the screenplay I can’t wait to see what he does with this adaptation.

Alex Garland did an incredible job with Ex Machina, which I think was the best movie of 2015 and to see him tackle another Sci-Fi project is exciting. I’m looking forward to this movie and I am sure it will be just as good if not better than Ex Machina.


Natalie Portman (Jackie)
Jennifer Jason Leigh (The Hateful Eight)
Oscar Isaacs (Star Wars: The Force Awakens)

Directed By: Alex Garland (Ex Machina)
Release Date: 2017

5. Spider-Man: Homecoming

spidermanThe third comicbook movie on this list is of course Spider-Man. Ever since we’ve learned that Spider-Man will be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe a whole new wave of excitement swept over fans all over the world. We’ve already seen him in Captain America: Civil War and everyone loved him.

Now that we know he’s going to have his own solo franchise under the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). This gives the property a much needed boost as now we know he can interact with the other heroes within the MCU. I personally can’t wait to see this movie and once again I’m sure it will be a great comicbook movie.


Tom Holland (Captain America: Civil War)
Michael Keaton (Birdman)
Robert Downey Jr (Captain America: Civil War)

Directed By: Jon Watts (Cop Car)
Release Date: 7 July 2017

4. Star Wars: Episode VIII

starwars-ep-8With the revitalized success that the Star Wars is getting we can only assume this well oiled machine will keep going. Following The Force Awakens is Episode VIII and it continues the story of Rey (Daisy Ridley) and the new character from episode VII.

I can only hope this won’t make the same mistake as The Force Awakens did which is being a carbon copy of A New Hope. But rather give the audience something new and exciting.


Daisy Ridley (Star Wars: The Force Awakens)
Adam Driver (Silence)
John Boyega (Star Wars: The Force Awakens)

Directed By: Rian Johnson (Looper)
Release Date: 15 December 2017

3. The Dark Tower

the-dark-towerNumber 3 is a book adaptation and it is one a lot of people have been waiting for. This is of course the adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower. A lot of people have been wanting to see Roland Deschain’s story in the big screen and I’m personally very much excited about this project.

Idris Elba will be playing the main character and Matthew McConaughey will be playing the Man in Black and with those two attached to this project it gives that star power that can push this as a huge blockbuster movie.


Idris Elba (Star Trek: Beyond)
Matthew McConaughey (Gold)
Katheryn Winnick (Vikings)

Directed By: Nikolaj Arcel
Release Date: 28 July 2017

2. Beauty and the Beast

beauty-and-the-beast-posterGrowing up in the 90s I was a huge fan of the Disney Renaissance. With Disney having a successful track record of transforming it’s animated properties into live action. I can assume that Disney will do this property right and give it a great live action adaptation.

With an all star cast and two strong leads in the form of Emma Watson and Luke Evans. I can guarantee Beauty and the Beast will be a terrific movie, one that fans of the original can enjoy.


Emma Watson (Perks of Being a Wallflower)
Luke Evans (The Girl on the Train)
Dan Stevens (Night at Museum 3)

Directed By: Bill Condon(Mr. Holmes)
Release Date: 17 March 2017

1. Logan

loganFinally my most anticipated film is Logan. With Fox taking the same approach they did with Deadpool, making this movie Rated-R. There’s no better way to send off Hugh Jackman with his final role as Wolverine with Logan. With 16 Years in his belt as Wolverine, Hugh Jackman has expressed his interest to move away from the property.

Though as disheartening as it is to hear this, it is completely understandable and with his final role as Wolverine, no doubt Logan will be an emotional and satisfying send off. I personally can’t wait to see this movie and I’m sure it will be all sorts of amazing.


Hugh Jackman (Eddie the Eagle)
Patrick Stewart (Green Room)
Stephen Merchant (Hello Ladies)

Directed By: James Mangold (The Wolverine)
Release Date: 3 March 2017

So there you go my top 10 most anticipated movies of 2016. Again this is just movies that I’m looking forward to. There are a lot of movies to look forward to in 2017. From Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 2 to the next Fast and Furious movie as well as another Transformers movie and Kong: Skull Island. 2017 will be another great year for movies. These 10 are the one I’m looking forward to the most but feel free to comment what are yours. Merry Christmas and have a nice day.

TV Show Review: Marvel’s Luke Cage

You know why everyone wants to be the king? Cause of the crown.

With the success of Daredevil and Jessica Jones on the Netflix platform, Marvel continues the momentum with Luke Cage. Delivering yet another exciting series that helps set-up Marvel’s Defenders on Netflix.


Following the events of Jessica Jones, Luke Cage (Mike Colter), seeks solace in Harlem, working for Pop’s Barbershop. With Wilson Fisk out of the picture, there’s a struggle for power within the city’s underworld. Caught in the middle is our titular character Luke Cage, who will stop at nothing to save his city.

The Good

Luke Cage started it’s season incredibly strong (no pun intended). Though we’ve seen him before in Jessica Jones, this time around, we are given more about his character, from his past to his present psyche and how he’s coping with his abilities. Mike Colter as Luke Cage is perfect as he delivers a performance which has the perfect combination of strength, smarts and charisma.


The supporting casts also take credit as far as the first-half of the series is concerned. Everyone has been impressive especially Mahershala Ali, who played Cornell Stokes or Cottonmouth. He played the character with believable bravado and to the series’ credit, it works. Alfre Woodard is also great as Mariah Dillard as she portrays a councilwoman who wants to make the city a better place, however with ties to the city’s underbelly, struggles to do so legally.


Another excellent aspect of the show is the music, Luke Cage is magnificently scored as it’s able to pull you back to the old 70s blaxploitation movies while being able to mix with present time music. It’s a balance that’s handled really well and compliments the show’s overall theme.

The Bad


Unfortunately Luke Cage, stumbles on it’s second half as new characters are introduced and the series goes full superhero mode and loses the subtlety that grasped you on the beginning. The new villains are over the top with their presence and line delivery and it derails the show completely.


Overall Luke Cage is still a fun show to watch, it’s got a good mixture of a superhero genre and drama and at times it is charming. The use of blaxploitation theme is well handled having just enough to engage it’s audience without pandering too much. Majority of the characters in Luke Cage are fascinating, the show does a great job juggling the different story arcs, even if some are more interesting than the others.


Unfortunately the villains in the latter parts of the series didn’t work as well as Cottonmouth did but it did give Luke Cage a worthy physical adversary. The show does address the issue of cops shooting unarmed black men though it does it without feeling forced, it was a theme that’s handled really well and should be given notice to. Highly recommended for binging on Netflix.

Good Bad 4/5
  • Strong Main and Supporting Characters
  • Great Score
  • Mahershala Ali’s Cottonmouth
  • Villains in latter episodes

TV Show Review: The Night Of

Very reminiscent of the successful outcome of True Detective Season 1 (note Season 1). The Night Of delivers an unforgettable crime drama, which shows the dark, harsh truth about the justice system.


After spending a night with a female stranger, Nasir ‘Naz’ Khan wakes up only to find his  new friend stabbed to death. With all evidence pointing at him, Naz fights the system to prove his innocence at the same time, experience first hand the horrors of life in prison.

The Good

One of the most impressive aspects of this show was it’s talented cast. Riz Ahemd who plays Nasir ‘Naz’ Khan did an incredible job capturing the essence of innocence lost via the flaws of justice system. His transition from a college student to a man who spent time in prison is horribly fascinating and it shows the harsh reality that time in prison can change a man no matter how defiant he is.


The supporting characters are all incredible and portrayed their roles with a high level of complexity, giving the audience a doubtful approach to these characters. You never really know who’s trustworthy and you are not sure who are the good guys, the bad guys or if there are even any.


The star of the show however is John Tururro who was consistently impressive through out. This is without a doubt his show and he’s brought a very human element to his character and it’s incredible.

The overall story is great, the way it shifts it’s narrative from a murder mystery to a courtroom drama to showing the aftermath of life in prison and how it affects everyone around. The show captured the harsh reality of a changed man who’s a victim of a flawed system.

The Bad

The show is with flaws and though they were very minute in numbers, they were still noticeable. There were scenes which were never explained as well as character choices seemed very questionable given the circumstances.


Overall this is an amazing show from start to finish, the acting is tremendous and the cast did an exceptional job with their roles. Riz Ahmed was incredible and played his role with magnificent consistency. As the same time John Turturro which was perfect in every way.


The story was deeply enthralling, accompanied by a terrific cinematography that delivers a subtle intensity in every scene. This is easily one of the best shows of 2016 and is highly recommend it to everyone.

Good Bad 4.9/5
  • Enthralling Story
  • Strong Supporting Cast
  • Riz Ahmed & John Turturro
  • Questionable Character Decisions