Movie Review: Sausage Party

Once you see that s***, it’ll f*** you up for life. Good luck! Have fun!

Sausage Party is an R-Rated animated movie directed by Greg Tiernan & Conrad Vernon. It stars Seth Rogen, Kristen Wiig, Jonah Hill and more.


The groceries in the Shopwell’s Grocery comes to life as plenty of them believe that once they leave the store the gods (humans) will provide them a better life to which they can do anything they want.

The Good

Sausage Party is easily one of this year’s most memorable movies. With it’s ridiculous set up and crude humour it stands out from all the other animated movies that came out this year.


Speaking of the humour, this movie is undeniably funny, it’s rude at times and it makes use of people’s stereotypes and it does it blatantly and as bad as it sounds it’s incredibly hilarious. Seth Rogen and Kristen Wiig were great at their parts however the supporting cast also get’s a mention as everyone did great voicing their characters.

The Bad

As mentioned, the humour here is crude and that can be a bad thing as it is borderline offensive. This movie caters to a specific type of crowd and for many this won’t be their cup of tea.


Overall, if you’re someone who’s not easily offended or easily disturbed and who doesn’t mind extreme crude humour every now and then. You will most likely enjoy Sausage Party. There are plenty of jokes filled with sexual innuendos, racial stereotypes and even takes shot at religious ideologies. To the movie’s credit majority of it works and are funny.


However there are scenes which are incredibly disturbing if not revolting. This movie will not be for everyone to enjoy but for the crowd that this movie caters to, with an unforgettable ending, this movie is a treat.

Good Bad 3.8/5
  • Hilarious Jokes

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