Movie Review: The Wailing (Goksung)

When a plague is slowly affecting the villagers of a certain town, a police officer is absorbed in the case as his personal life is pulled in especially with the involvement of his daughter.

The Good

The movie had everything a horror movie should have, a competent story that pulls you right in. Tons of horrific images that will haunt you days after you’ve seen the movie. The right amount of humour to keep you at ease and brilliant performances from the actors and actresses involved.


The story and the mythology involved in this movie is fascinating. They are integrated really well and it makes up for it’s long running time. You don’t feel that the movie is too long because you are too absorbed in what’s going on in the screen.


Your actors/actresses are incredible, both Jong-Goo and Jun Kunimura gave an impressive performances. The down to earth nature of Jong-Goo’s character lets you empathize with him while the eerie and mysterious Jun Kunimura gives you goosebumps the moment he’s introduced¬†on the screen.

The Bad

The major flaw with this film is it’s third act, though it’s still following the pace of the movie, there are moments that are filled with extreme confusion. Several events aren’t explained and though it is the director’s intention to leave you confused at certain scenes, it didn’t help especially with everything that’s going on in the movie.



Overall Goksung is easily one of the best horror movies this year, the story is incredibly deep with layers and the execution is masterful. It’s subtle and haunting scares will leave you breathless and terrified yet, you still can’t take your eyes off the screen. It is one of the best movies of the year and it is one that will simply blow you away.

Good Bad 4.8/5
  • Great Performances
  • Deeply Enthralling Story
  • Confusing / Unexplained Scenes

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