Movie Review: This Giant Papier-Mache Boulder is Actually Really Heavy

Oh my god we’re lost in space


Directed, written and starred by Christian Nicoloson, this movie follows three guys who goes into a nerd convention and upon watching a screening for a B-grade science-fiction film, are sucked into the movie’s universe.

The Good

The first third of this movie is incredibly funny, the movie is extremely self-aware, it knows it’s audience, it knows it doesn’t have a big budget, it knows itself that it too is a B-Grade Science Fiction movie. It’s parodying itself and majority of the time it’s effective. It has a lot of humour to offer and most of the time it’s clever.


The movie is consistent to it’s theme and it knows how to work it very well, it captures the tropes from 80s science fiction films and works it on it’s favour. From the cinematography to the movie’s overall look, and that gives it a very unique yet impressive take on parodies.

The Bad

Unfortunately the movie does suffer from several problems and it’s heavily noticeable. The pacing is slowed down tremendously around the second and third act and the story drags at this point onward. The movie is two hours long, and for a movie that’s a parody, it is thirty minutes longer than it needed to be.


Though it offered a lot of clever jokes the use of fart jokes did downgrade this movie’s quality down a bit.



Overall this movie is fun, the characters looked like they’re having fun and it resonates throughout the movie. For what it’s going for, it is competently well filmed and well edited. Even with it’s problems, if you enjoy indie-films, this is a movie worth checking out.

Good Bad 3.7/5
  • Hilarious
  • Great Consistent Look
  • Sluggish second/third act
  • Fart Jokes

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