Movie Review: Cafe Society

Love is not rational. You fall in love, you lose control

Cafe Society is the latest movie by Woody Allen, it stars Jessie Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart, Steve Carell and Blake Lively.


Set in the 1930s’ Cafe Society follows Jessie Eisenberg as Bobby. A young man from New York who’s hoping to find success in Hollywood as well as success in finding love.

The Good

This year is not all bad for Jessie Eisenberg as he manages to bring out a decent performance in Woody Allen’s Cafe Society. Though similar to other Woody Allen movies, his lead is filled with his mannerisms and Jessie Eisenberg nails them perfectly. There’s a subtle charm behind him and he’s decent to watch through out the movie. Other actors such as Steve Carell and Corey Stoll are great, they bring a fun dynamic to the film and to their credit, their presence is felt through out.


Another great aspect of this movie is its looks. This movie is beautiful to look at, the use of pastel colours compliments the film extremely well. The costume design is amazing and it does look and feel like the 1930s. As usual the music is great, Woody Allen knows how to pick his Jazz and they’re lovely to listen to.

The Bad

Unfortunately for this movie not all is good as it the story loses direction in the second half of the film. With what felt like random events compiled into a scene after another, it loses all momentum and frankly it might have a hard time retaining the audience’s attention.


Another complaint is Blake Lively, usually Blake Lively is great in any movie, however there is not enough of her in this film almost resulting her role into a cameo appearance which is quite disappointing.


Overall Cafe Society is still a movie worth checking out, if you’re fan of Woody Allen, despite it’s flaws, this movie will still please you. The comedic timing is great though the romantic aspect didn’t hit as much. To her credit Kristen Stewart is decent, however nothing about her stood out.


With great overall looks, music and soundtrack and the  and decent to strong performances, Cafe Society is still worth checking out.

Good Bad 3.5/5
  • Overall Great Cast Performances
  • Beautiful to Look At
  • Great Music
  • Directionless Second Half
  • Not enough Blake Lively

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