Movie Review: The Sea of Trees

You must know, this forest is very powerful.

The Sea of Trees is directed by Gus Van Sant starring Matthew McConaughey, Noami Watts and Ken Watanabe.

854full-the-sea-of-trees-screenshot (2)

After having gone through traumatic events Arthur Brennan (Matthew McConaughey) decides to commit suicide in the Aokigahara Jukai also known as The Suicide Forest, however he encounters a man who’s trying to leave the forest and together they set to find the way out.

The Good


Unfortunately the one and only strength of this movie is Matthew McConaughey, once again he gave a convincing performance of a man going through a crisis. Whether it’s with his wife played by Naomi Watts or with his work, to the point where it brought him to the decision to end his life. For a movie filled with problems Matthew McConaughey did a good job carrying the movie. Though a certain amount of credit is also given to the supporting cast.

The Bad

As mentioned before the movie is filled with flaws and one that sticks out the most is the movie’s overall pace. The movie is about two hours long and it moves incredibly slow. I cannot blame anyone if they find this boring and most likely they will.

854full-the-sea-of-trees-screenshot (1)

There are a lot of slow moving scenes followed by slow spoken dialogue which some, lead to nothing. Though the director’s intention is there, to produce the film with a morose tone, unfortunately it felt a little overkill.


Overall this didn’t feel like a bad movie, however with it’s incredibly sluggish pace and long running time, it was difficult not to get bored. The story is there but the execution was poor. For people who have the attention span and who’s able to give this movie a chance, they probably won’t be disappointed. However if you’re watching this and bored halfway through, no one can blame you.

Good Bad 2/5
  • Matthew McConaughey
  • Interesting Imagery
  • Incredibly Slow Pace

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