Movie Review: Green Room

Let Him Bleed

Green Room is one of A24’s latest release and as much as it sounds like the sequel to their Oscar Nominated movie Room, it couldn’t be more different.


Driven by desperation, a punk rock band accepted a gig in a Neo-Nazi occupied bar. But when one of them accidentally witnessed a horrific crime, chaos ensued as the band tries to fight off a group of maniacal skinheads.

The Good

Easily the best thing about this movie is Patrick Stewart. We often see him as the wheelchair riding leader of the Superhero group The X-Men. However to see him walking around in this movie is a breath of fresh air. Without a doubt the movie’s greatest strength is his acting. His calm and collected yet menacingly intimidating nature resonates through out the movie and it’s great.


The recently deceased Anton Yelchin leads the band and he’s decent. He makes you want to root for him and his band. Most of the time they make smart decisions and that truly differentiates this from your typical teenagers in trouble movie.

The Bad

There’s very little to complain about this movie apart from some scenes that were a little unbelievable.

The Rating


Overall Green Room is a solid thriller through and through. The gore and violence are brutal and very realistic. The story is simple and straightforward but it’s good enough to deliver a strong thriller. If you’re not a fan of violence and gore, this won’t be for you, but if you are a fan and someone that enjoyed thrillers such as Purge, The Strangers, The Collector etc. Green Room is highly recommended.

Good Bad 4.3/5
  • Patrick Stewart
  • Strong Performances

2 thoughts on “Movie Review: Green Room

    1. Thank you, it’s a very solid thriller and it’s such a fresh air to see Patrick Stewart in a different role other than the Professor X.

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