Movie Review: Finding Dory

I remember it like it was yesterday. Of course, I don’t really remember yesterday all that well

In 2003 Finding Nemo became one of the highest grossing movie of it’s time coming in second after Return of the King. 13 years later Pixar releases Finding Dory a sequel to Finding Nemo. Does Finding Dory have what it takes to capture the same magic that Finding Nemo had 13 years ago?


A year after the events of Finding Nemo, Dory gained little flashbacks from her past remembering bits and pieces of her parents. Motivated to find them, Dory goes on an adventure to find her parents while dealing with her short term memory. Along the way she meets numerous interesting characters that helps her in her search.

The Good

It goes without saying that Pixar is known for having great animation in their movies. Glad to say that’s exactly what we get in Finding Dory. The underwater designs are beautiful, from the corals, sea weeds to the sea anemones all of it is gorgeous and it brings a lot of life to the scene. The fishes themselves were well designed and from their movement and mannerisms, the amount of detail that was put into them was amazing.


Though this is Dory’s film, and again Ellen DeGeneres does a great job voicing Dory, a certain character stole the movie and that’s the octopus Hank. Voiced wonderfully by Ed O’Neill, Hank is one of the characters that Dory meets in her journey and by far the most memorable character in the movie. From his animation to his movements and the way he can blend himself to his surroundings he is amazing.


The movie comes in with lots of laughs and more importantly lots of heart, though there are times where Dory’s condition is played for laughs, there are moments that you understand how serious her condition is. You feel bad for the character and makes you more likely to root for her.

The Bad

As much as a lot of people are excited for Finding Dory especially the kids who watched Finding Nemo 13 years ago. You do notice a lot of similarities between the two movies and that is probably the disappointing aspect of the film. Pixar didn’t do anything different to the story.


To it’s core Finding Dory is about a fish trying to get home however so did other Pixar properties. From the Toy Story movies, Finding Nemo, Inside Out, The Good Dinosaur and now Finding Dory, once again it’s about a character finding his/her way home. Though at a certain level the formula still works, however it is disappointing that they didn’t do anything new to the property.



Despite having used the same formula as Finding Nemo, Finding Dory is still a great movie through and through. From the vibrant underwater colours to the strong leads and strong supporting characters to the emotional story behind it. It will still be one of this year’s best animated movie. Kids will love, families will love it and the kids, who are now adults, will find this a satisfying follow up to Finding Nemo.

Good Bad 4/5
  • Beautiful Movie
  • Hank the Octopus
  • Funny & Emotional
  • Formulaic Approach

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