Movie Review: The Invitation

Each one of us is on a journey and we feel it’s important to be on this journey with the people you love.

Will (Logan Marshall-Green) and his girlfriend were invited to a dinner party hosted by Will’s ex-wife (Tammy Blanchard). As Will walks around his former home, relieving the painful memories that he’s left behind, he notices that there’s something sinister behind the dinner party.


The Good

The Invitation is slow-burn movie with pretty decent build up but great climax. This movie is very unpredictable and the writing is manipulative in a great way. As an audience you’re not sure who to trust and unable to identify who’s dangerous and who’s not. This results to an uneasy viewing experience and it does a great job keeping the eerie feeling through out the movie.


As the movie kicks into overdrive in it’s third act, everything comes together. The climax is filled with suspense and delivers some incredibly shocking moments. The ending is great, the last shot of the movie is a must-see as it delivers a truly defining WTF moment.

The Bad

There are a lot of things to like in the movie but in the end it’s very flawed. There are character decisions that don’t make sense and speaking of the characters none of them are likable. Our avatar, Will spends most of his time sulking and isolated. Though we are given a backstory from his tragic past, his writing becomes annoyingly repetitive.


Another problem is the pacing. The movie moves incredibly slow and though it’s a slow burn movie there are scenes that felt unnecessary which if cut out would still keep the slow, methodical pacing but would overall improve the movie.
The acting felt mediocre and for a house filled with people, none of them have one decent thing to say.


Overall The Invitation is a decent suspenseful film. It didn’t rely on jump-scares or scary visuals but it builds up an incredibly creepy sensation and it’s enough to make you uncomfortable. The third act, all the way to the ending is a must see and without a doubt one of the most memorable scenes in the movie. However problems with it’s characters, pacing and story telling stopped this from being a great. People who don’t have the attention span to sit and listen to meaningless banter might be bored out of their heads. However for those who enjoy slow-burn films with high-tension climaxes would appreciate this more.

Good Bad 3.7/5
  • Third Act
  • Uncomfortable Atmosphere
  • Unnecessary Scenes
  • Unlikable Characters
  • Questionable Character Choices

One thought on “Movie Review: The Invitation

  1. It’s tense for quite some time, and still is, even until the final shot. However, it still can’t help but feel just like a chiller-thriller and not much else. Nice review.

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