Movie Review: Hush

Blumhouse Productions is at it again with their low budget thriller/horror movies. Blumhouse, of course produced memorable thrillers such as The Gift, The Purge and some not so memorable horror films such as The Gallows and sometimes high-quality drama like Whiplash.


Hush follows a deaf mute writer who lives in a cabin in the woods. However when a psychotic killer takes an interest in her, Maddie, enters a dangerous game of cat and mouse as she fights for her survival in this unexpectedly fun yet intense thriller.

The Good

The movie is heavily carried by our two leads and they’re both fantastic. There’s very little dialogue in the movie but it works. Seeing as Maddie, played by Kate Siegel, is deaf mute the movie does an amazing job putting us into her shoes by doing subtle changes in the sound whether the sound is magnified or subdued.


Though Maddie herself is a flawed character, we root for her from start to finish. The tension and suspense is there and several shocking moments you won’t see coming complements the movie perfectly.

The Bad

As great as the movie was, it has it’s flaws. For a character like Maddie who’s deaf mute and isolated in a cabin in the woods. One would think she would have some form of protection. But she doesn’t and it does make you ponder and could possibly take you out of the movie momentarily.



Overall Hush is great and takes the home invasion sub-genre to a whole new level and it’s refreshing. The simplistic and linear story works and the two leads did an amazing job playing their respective roles. Hush is a simple but strong suspenseful thriller and highly recommended to everyone.

Good Bad 4.2/5
  • Two Leads
  • Intense and Suspenseful Scenes

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