Movie Review: A Perfect Day

Welcome to Konopac, the Rope Capital of the World. Population: 5. I’m B, I’ll be your tour guide this afternoon and I’m pleased to be with you on this lovely day.

When the corpse of an obese man is found deep inside a well in a local village, a group of aid workers band together to get the body out. However, the lack of rope, proves the task to be more challenging than expected.

The Good

This movie was a pleasant treat, Benecio Del Toro and Tim Robbins are extremely likable in this movie and it was fun watching them together. The film is quite charming with it’s witty dialogue but in the meantime it’s not afraid to go into darker territory. After all the movie is set in a war torn country. That said it doesn’t shy away from pointing out the aftermath of war. From decapitated buildings leading to poverty and depression, it touches on these topics as accurate as possible.


The cinematography is great, there are a lot of wide shots, highlighting the filming location, some of it is great some shows the devastating effects of war.

The Bad

There are several parts of the movie that aren’t too impressive. Olga Kurylenko as beautiful as she is, is not very good in the movie. She really doesn’t have much to do in the film other than annoy Benecio Del Toro’s character. There are also several sluggish scenes that’s difficult to pay attention to.



A Perfect Day is one of those movies you can just play in the background and don’t pay much attention to. The movie’s steady pacing and subtle charm makes it tolerable. Apart from Olga Kurylenko, the rest of the cast are solid specially Eldar Residovic who plays Nikola. However the sluggish scenes and several pointless conversations drags the movie down a bit. Overall, it’s a good movie, it won’t be for everyone but it’s still worth checking out.

Good Bad 3.5/5
  • Benecio Del Toro / Tim Robbins
  • Great Cinematography
  • Comedic Moments
  • Sluggish Scenes

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