Graphic Novel Review: The Superior Foes of Spider Man Vol 1 by Nick Spencer

It’s not like I’d had some big change of heart and wanted to do right suddenly. I was just looking to save my own ass that makes it totally okay! anybody would get that, right?

-Nick Spencer, Superior Foes of Spider Man Vol 1

The new Sinister Six is as sinister as ever in The Superior Foes of Spider Man. Led by Fred Myers as the Boomerang, the Sinister Six is comprises of 5 lesser Spider Man villains. Counting in Boomerang you also get The Beetle, Shocker, Overdrive and Speed Demon. Together this 5 forms the new and improved Sinister Six (But there’s only 5 of them) Yeah, I know.

Reading the title of the series, who would want to read a comic book about Spider Man’s lesser villains? But here comes the phrase “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” comes in. Don’t be fooled, The Superior Foes of Spider Man has a lot of good things to offer.

The story starts of slow, with the Narration takes it time to introduce who are we rooting for and who are the current Sinister Five, I mean Six. However upon reading on Issue 3 you can clearly see the charm and wit the Volume has in store. The narration itself is very reminiscent of older Guy Ritchie films such as Snatch and Lock Stock. This works extremely well as what we have is a plot involving a heist and basically the mob.

The dialogue is humorous using a combination of witty humor and pop culture references. The characters themselves are likable in a way that no matter how pathetic they might be you still root for them. The art and illustrations works just as well as it complements the overall parts of the book, from the characters the environments and the action.

The strongest aspect of the book itself is the dialogue and trust me there are a lot. That being said it works as it’s incredibly funny at times and the character of Fred Myers is charming and is someone you can root for. Aside from the slow start the lack of action might bother some readers however the latter sequences provides an exciting heist in action with plenty of twists and turns. Highly recommended to more mature readers and for readers looking for something unique to try.

Rating: 4.2/5


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