Graphic Novel Review: Deadpool vs Carnage by Cullen Bunn

Everything I do from here on out is random. I can’t be stopped! can’t be caged! can’t be tracked my every action is a tribute an offering to the almighty CHAOS

– Cullen Bunn, Deadpool vs Carnage

Now this was a fun read, two murderous psychopaths butting heads in the most bloodiest, craziest but also hilarious battle I’ve seen in a graphic novel fight. Cletus Kasady aka Carnage just escape prison and his first action is go on a killing spree, though his killings are random, his main objective is to feed chaos. While Deadpool watches the TV about Carnage’s killings he believed the Universe gave him a sign to hunt down Carnage and stop him on his murderous spree.

There is really nothing here other than, Deadpool and Carnage fighting each other. There’s no deep story, no lessons to be learned just a straight brawl and it works really well. One of the main reason it works is because the story knows it. It knows what it’s doing and it knows what’s it supposed to be.

The fight themselves are entertaining as both of them don’t really get hurt, thanks to their regenerative powers. This results in creative ways to out each other off and each fight only gets better and better. The humor is there delivered mostly by Deadpool and he’s always charming and funny however Carnage does deliver some funny moments as well though most of it is unintentional.

Overall this was an entertaining read, possibly not for everyone as the fights themselves are violent and there are a lot of collateral damage whenever they face off but the comic book is quite unsympathetic on that area and it focuses mostly on their battles. Highly recommended for Deadpool and Carnage fans and maybe most of Marvel readers.

Rating: 4.7/5



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