Graphic Novel Review: We3 by Grant Morrison

“We3 Home Now”

-Grant Morrison, We3

1 (dog), 2(cat) and 3(rabbit) are a team of soldier animals equipped with high tech suit and given limited speech capabilities, the team is used to fight the government’s battles. That is until the head of the operation decided to decommission the team and commanded the people in charge to have the animals put down. Fortunately for them the person that trained them didn’t have the heart to take them out but instead released the team in the wild while authorities chase after them doing everything in their power to eliminate the 3 animals.

First off WOW what a read, I can tell this is not for everyone specially for animal lovers as the series is visceral, brutal, bloody and flat out gory. However if you want a solid Sci-Fi story involving bad-ass house pets this is definitely recommended for you. The story is set out as a chase which is quite simple however it works extremely well. The story has a way to make you care for the animals right from the get go and makes you keep caring all the way to the end. Granted their speech capabilities is limited, every word they utter is substantial.

The pacing is perfect as it never slowed down, there’s always a threat right around the corner for the team to face and it’s always something bigger than the last one. The art is beautiful, specially the cover for each issue, as it shows the missing poster for each pet and its both creative and brilliant. There are some disturbing scenes as it shows both human and animal decapitation but by adding these strong visuals it compliments the story tremendously.

Overall We3 is an amazing series, the only problem is it’s only 3 issues but those issues are memorable and eventful it’s incredibly well put. Like I said animal lovers might hate it because the depiction of gore towards animals but for the right crowd We3 is a masterpiece.

Rating: 4.4/5


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