Book Review: Mr Suicide by Nicole Cushing

“You threw yourself onto the bed and under the covers. Thrashed around in them. Let out little groans you hoped no one could hear. You wished, for a moment you were in the loony bin. There, at least you’d have rubber walls to bounce off of. Here, all you could do was fidget between sheets and regret the that you lacked the courage of your convictions”

                          – Mr Suicide, Nicole Cushing.

Mr Suicide is without a doubt the most horrifying book I’ve ever read. It depicts extreme violence and gruesome events one after another, it is madness incarnate. The book is structured in a simple way, the author telling a story about you. You don’ know your name but you do know that you’re a boy with glasses living in Louisville, Kentucky. You live with your mom, dad and an older brother who’s 10 years older than you.

That said, that’s enough to drive this novel and boy are you in for a ride. A vicious, unforgiving, heartless and unforgettable one. A ride leading to either hell or insanity, take your pick both are equally damaging. You start off at a young age, we read your thoughts and we know straight away you are a damaged person in need of help, you don’t want to admit it but you do. With no one to help you, you hear a voice, Mr Suicide, and it tells you horrible things always mocking and prompting you to pull the trigger, year after year.

As you figured by now, the horror in here is not supernatural, there are no frightening creatures, no ghosts, spirits or demons but the horror part comes from the boy’s mind. It’s like watching a psychopath grow, and there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s unsettling to the point where I wanted to stop reading the book. I didn’t want to know what happens next but then it absorbs you, you can’t get away, you just got to know what happens next and I give the book credit on that area. Despite nothing good happening here at all, it gives you despicable event one after another and it is a slippery slide where there’s no escape. The events are brutal, graphic and disgusting.

There are moments here where some events are inadvertently funny despite being terrible. Also at the end it gets really silly to the point where it felt like you’re reading a different book and that’s my only complaint. Otherwise this is a strong horror book there’s a good mix of fantasy and realism and both are equally horrifying. Highly recommended to people who are familiar with Jack Ketchum’s work and if you can stomach extreme violence then this is for you. If not, then don’t even think about touching this book specially if you’re highly sensitive or fainted heart.

Rating: 4/5


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