Book Review: Mistborn, The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson

The Lord Ruler is dead and his 1000 year tyrannical reign has ended. Elend Venture is now king of Luthadel. Unfortunately for Elend the Kingdom is already in an impending siege as not one but two armies have camped outside the city ready to attack at any moment.

After reading The Final Empire I was excited to read The Well of Ascension. Needless to say, Well of Ascension had a lot of promise as it started of strong. Vin, our heroine, is once again kicking ass, flipping and running through the mist and just become an all around badass. Our likeable thieving crew is also back as Dockson, Breeze, Ham, Clubs and Spook are now in a different position as they were before as they are now a part of Elend Venture’s council. Together they try to make the city a better place. The real concern now is the two armies camped outside the city and unfortunately most part of the book revolves around this plot.

Why is that a bad thing you might ask? at 800 pages one might think that the book would be full of intriguing content, however the second act tremendously slows down as it is filled with sub plots you might not really care about. Unfortunately this part of the book drags a bit too long and it might take the reader away from the real story, which is the impending siege.

The good thing though are the characters writing. Vin is strongly written as most of the time she’s presented as a strong authority. A force to be reckoned with. Newer characters such as Zane and Tindwyl are interesting and given enough back story to make the reader pay them attention as much as the returning characters. Sazed is another character with excellent character development as he is given a lot of content. That said, Kelsier’s charm is still sorely missed as I myself have never been impressed with Elend Venture’s character and it does not help when several characters of the book feels the same way.

The action is great and the 3rd act picks up with one of the most unforgettable climax I’ve ever read. Overall The Well of Ascension did not live up to the expectations led by the first book but it does enough to keep you interested and leave you wanting to read the third book.



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