Graphic Novel Review: Ms Marvel, Vol 1: No Normal by G. Willow Wilson (Author), Adrian Alphona (Artist)

Kamala Khan is a sixteen year old girl who lives in New Jersey, and most sixteen year old girl Kamala deals with the usual teenage problems such as family, boys puberty, insecurity and such. One night Kamala decides to sneak out and go to a party. Disappointed and upset of how things worked out , she stormed back home where on her way a mysterious mist envelops the city knocking her unconscious. Kamala was woken up by what she believed to be Ms Marvel, Iron Man and Captain America. After a dreamlike and insightful conversation with her heroes, she wakes up to the real world to find out that she has the powers of Ms Marvel.

Having not read any Ms Marvel comics before, I have no clue on what Ms Marvel’s superpowers supposed to be nor how she was portrayed on her series. That said, I was thoroughly impressed in this edition on how it was written and delivered. Marvel introduces Kamala Khan a sixteen year old Muslim girl to take the helm on this new Ms Marvel series. Now I’m not a Muslim myself so I can’t comment on how accurate she was portrayed however the comic does not deviate the character from her roots and still let’s the audience know that this is a totally different heroine from what we usually get. From our main character to her actions to her parents to her speech, the comic is consistent with these aspects.

Ms. Marvel volume 1 is an origin story as we see Kamala try to cope with her new found abilities in a similar manner as Peter Parker did in Spider Man. Being an origin story Ms. Marvel does create a sense of excitement for our heroine as we anticipate what she’s going to do next and who’re the villains she’s going to face.

If I had a problem with this volume, it would be the fact that they left the part where she gained her powers in an ambiguous way. They didn’t explain the mist nor how she really got her powers but I am positive that they will tackle those as we go along. To finish of Ms Marvel is a breath of fresh air as Marvel continues to add diversity to their roster of superheroes. Kamala is charming and funny and she is a highly acceptable Ms Marvel. Likewise the artwork is amazing and is pleasing to look at the colours match the comic’s theme and it is incredible. Marvel did a (pun intended) marvellous job in introducing Kamala Khan into the Marvel universe.


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