Book Review: Saxon’s Bane by Geoffrey Gudgion

Following a devastating car crash, Fergus finds himself grieving after the death of his colleague. As he tries to recover from his past he finds himself slowly accepting a rural village and it’s citizens as he finds love, peace and clarity. At the same time Clare, an archeologist discovers a Saxon’s body in the village. This lead her to having incredibly vivid dreams that seems to sends Clare a message. As Clare and Fergus’ path intertwined little do they know that a sinister force has targeted the couple which both would have to face and overcome.

They say don’t judge a book by it’s cover, and as bad ass the book’s cover looks, the story beneath it says otherwise. Although the book is fairly well written, it does a good job misleading people to think it’s a horror story. That said, the book’s story is continuously engaging. It is a romantic thriller at most, however it does a great job in this particular aspect. The characters do show a depth of emotions in them which allows the reader to feel empathy towards them. Fergus in particular, is a sympathetic lead however Eadlin is fascinating and magnetic and brightens up dull moments in the book. The book rarely deals with the supernatural so fans of the genre might be disappointed however it does a great job tackling a much more uncomfortable topic which are, satanic rituals, pagan worship and symbolism.

The book deals with violence, rape, death and profanity therefore it is mostly recommended with an adult audience. Overall it is still a good read and with the engaging story it will prove to be a page turner and a swift read.


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