Book Review: Mistborn, The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson

Finishing Mistborn: The Final Empire, I felt a sense of accomplishment, not because I manged to finish a 600 page plus book, although that helps too, but rather I managed to sit down and let myself be absorbed in this epic high fantasy story. Now bearing in mind that reading one of these stories, there is a lot to take in. Introducing the story’s lore, characters and the overall structure of the story’s world is a tricky task. It is the author’s job to make sure the reader can believe in this world and believe it’s mechanism. Fortunately, Brandon Sanderson does an exceptional job in doing just that. Every place within the city of Luthadel is described in detail, from the ash filled streets to the grand interior of certain House keeps. Everything is laid out the way the author sees it and it is only the reader’s job to put everything in view.

For a high fantasy novel the story has a strong social standpoint. In the story there are two types of people, a Skaa which are born poor, mostly homeless and mostly works as a slave or a noble which are the rich people, the aristocrats owns Skaa as a slave. Now it doesn’t take an expert to see that this can be easily compared to the slavery that occurred in the United States in the 18th and 19th century. In the books there are even plantations that the noblemen own in which the Skaa works at. That said for a fantasy novel this was tackled impressively well.

The book also introduces the concept of Allomancy and Feruchemy, now getting the your head wrapped around this could take a while, I know I did but as you progress reading the book constantly reminds you how it works and next thing you know it gives you that sense you’re playing a video game. It is a satisfying feeling whoever, when you truly comprehend the concept. The characters of the book are well written not quite realistic but upon getting to know them the team, Kelsier, Vin, Ham, Sazed, Breeze, Dockson etc. You get this sense of family and that is something you can truly relate to.

To wrap up Mistborn: The Final Empire is a flawless book, a fantasy book that absorbs you in and leaves a legendary story lingering in your head for weeks. Fortunately there is an abundant amount of box sets where you can start off immediately on it’s sequel and it’s third part. That said it’s a book highly recommended to anybody who wants to have satisfying read.


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