Book Review: The Gospel of Loki by Joanne M. Harris

If you ask a normal person what do they know of Loki, they might refer to the Marvel movies such as Avengers and Thor. They might even refer to Tom Hiddleston’s masterful portrayal of the trickster god in the big screen. That said, The Gospel of Loki has nothing to do with the comic book Loki that most people know but rather a different yet amusing take on the mythology.

The Gospel of Loki starts of with an enumerated list of the denizens of Asgard. Listing the names of the gods and a short description to tell readers who they are. Reading this, I had a brief taste of what’s Loki going to be like for the rest of the book. Happy to say he did not disappoint, he is charismatically written, we also get a taste of his sarcastic humor, which never gets old and despite previous negative claims about the trickster god, we feel empathy towards him. Another character that is well written is Odin. The rest of the characters however, are monotonic and one dimensional.

The pacing of the book is another complaint as the book starts of in an enthralling way, specially after a pivotal point which involves Loki and the gods. Unfortunately this is followed by little episodes that features the everyday life of Loki. Don’t get me wrong some of these are fun, as Loki’s character is being fleshed out and we get to find out why he is as cunning as they say he is. That said, this part of the book does drag on.

The end however, is another story as when it starts, it never stops rolling. It is climactic, exciting and by all means a page turner. You will almost feel bad for rooting for Loki for he is about to bring destruction to the gods or as the book calls it, Ragnarok. And despite how despicable the act is, a part of you wants him to succeed. The fights involving Odin and Thor are of epic proportions and will undoubtedly keep the readers glued.

Overall The Gospel of Loki is a fun read, Loki is a fascinating character and you never get enough of him. All thanks to the author. Other characters though, are forgettable with the exception of Odin and maybe Thor. It is not a masterpiece despite how great the cover looks but it is tolerable and with only 300 pages should provide a quick yet entertaining read.


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