Graphic Novel Review: Ten Grand Vol. 1 by J. Michael Straczynski

Ten Grand Vol 1 tells the story of Joe Fitzgerald. A former hitman but now working as a private investigator. Joe’s interest peaked as he was asked to investigate a simple case of disappearance. With a man he thought he killed before, possibly running the operation. Joe dives into the supernatural as he faces angels and demons alike.

Upon reading Ten Grand, one might see some similarities with DC’s Constantine. That said, for a horror graphic novel, Ten Grand brings an impressive amount of human drama to the table. The protagonist is a well written character which I believe the readers can comfortably sympathize with. Specially upon exploring Joe’s past we get to know his motivations.

The artwork compliments the novel nicely. It is gritty and disturbing at points, in addition, each situation the protagonist is in is matched with a color scheme. Overall this creates a consistent theme for the novel.

The novel does fall into some cliched areas and does have some bad dialogue here and there but the biggest let down is the climax all the way to the ending. It seemed that all story telling was dropped and didn’t provide clarity to some story arcs.

All in all I find that Ten Grand is still a great horror graphic novel. With an incredibly intriguing lore and a story that’s easy to follow and not to mention a character the readers can root for, Ten Grand delivers a fix for horror seekers and readers who are into the supernatural specially when it comes to angels and demons.


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