Graphic Novel Review: Locke & Key Vol 2, Head Games by Joe Hill

Head Games is the 2nd volume of Joe Hill’s Locke & Key. It continues from the first volume’s events. By the end of Welcome to Lovecraft, we get introduced to Zack, which is without a doubt an incarnation of the dark lady on the first volume. On Volume two we get to see more of Zack, sadly we get to experience how sadistic and cold blooded he is, which is a great aspect of this book for it builds a truly despicable villain. A villain readers can undoubtedly hate.

As Zack, works his way in to the Locke family, Bode on the other hand is still on his own ways to discover the unique keys that the mansion offers. The key featured in particular, has an incredible ability and it works in such a creative way. More story is also added for Kinsey, Tyler and Duncan as the siblings adapt and try to fit in in their new school and meet friends along the way. The character of the uncle, Duncan Locke is given significance as we are shown a part of his current and past life. Nina Locke on the other isn’t given much story as she is shown to be still grieving about the tragic invasion that they encountered on the first volume.

All in all this is fine addition to the series and it is as shocking and much more exciting that the first volume, as we can read, things are picking things up for the Locke family and as the mansion reveals more of it’s unique keys we are slowly getting drawn into the whole story and is allowing us to care more for the characters as they themselves explore the dark yet captivating secrets of the Keyhouse.


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