Graphic Novel Review: Alabaster, Wolves By CaitlIn R. Kiernan

Dancy Flammarion, has been fighting different sorts of monsters as far as she remembers. She is aided by an angel that only she can see. She thoroughly believes that all her killings are done in the name of God. However an incident involving Dancy and a lycanthrope causes Dancy to lose her angel, abandoning Dancy on her own in a town infested with werewolves and all sorts of monsters.

With a bad ass plot like that we can hope for a bad ass comic book with lots of gore and blood and all sorts of stuff that may pump our adrenaline flowing. In this case I can safely say that Alabaster: Wolves delivers in those areas very well. It is an incredibly fun read that will keep you turning pages till the very end. The characters were masterfully written and all has the ability to peak the reader’s interest. The bird itself is a joy to listen to and brings a large amount of charisma when he talks. Yup you read that right a character here is a bird and he talks. Although not to take anything away from the protagonist, Dancy is also well written, and is someone who a reader can root for in a fight or a battle.

The dialogue is amusing to read as all characters seems to have something smart to say and it is comebacks one after the other and not to mention a lot of sarcasm in them. However look out for the talking bird because he steals the spotlight most of the time. The artwork, although not the best, provides the readers with interesting images and mixes well with the story. There are amazing artwork in there such as the cover pages and Dancy’s angel.

The only thing that sets this graphic novel back is the action. As bad ass as the plot goes the action does not deliver too well. We are mostly treated with Dancy running around and managing to kill with a single slice on the throat. Although it does provide a great sense of Dancy being an underdog and this allows the readers to root for her more and more.

To sum up Alabaster: Wolves is a great read and it is something one may read to kill boredom. With angels, werewolves, talking bird and a seventeen year old girl who kicks a tremendous amount of monster ass it is something that can easily peak a reader’s interest. Highly recommended for people who are fans of action/horror genre.


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