Book Review: The Gunslinger by Stephen King

The Dark Tower series is indubitably one of the most popular book series to be produced. With such an impressive achievement on the series. I had high expectations. That said, I was not impressed by this book. I was not disappointed but rather it did nothing to make me look forward to the latter books.

The Gunslinger revolves around the story of Roland Deschain (The Gunslinger). The book tells incredible details about his past likewise it also tells of his pursuit of a mysterious person he calls “The Man in Black”. Upon his travels, The Gunslinger encounters people, villages whom The man in black have also visited. As Roland gather clues, for his pursuit, he realizes that The Man in Black had done disturbing changes to the lives of the people he visited, which without a doubt would also bring significant changes to his.

Reading this book, I can’t help and feel like it’s a roller coaster ride. There are exciting and exhilarating moments such as his visit to the Town of Tull and his fight with Cort, but on the other hand there are moments that just drags on. The dialogue can be quite difficult to understand especially with the overwhelming amount of metaphors that are used. There are times where I personally can’t tell if I’m reading a dialogue or a narration. The themes present in this book are truly fascinating, for it deals with possessions, different dimensions, religious contexts and much more. With all that mashed into one book it still proves to be an enjoyable and a sufficient read to readers who love the fantasy genre.


One thought on “Book Review: The Gunslinger by Stephen King

  1. I found this first volume good but a bit fractured, like the parts didn’t quite come together. I’ve just finished the second book and am onto the third, and I think they get better as they go along – I’ve gone from ‘yeah, I’ll read part two eventually’ to ‘I must know where this is going.’

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