Graphic Novel Review: Thor, The Trials of Loki by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa

Thor: The Trials of Loki is Loki’s origin story. It tells his transition to being just a trickster to becoming one of the most impactful villains within the Marvel universe.

The story is told in his perspective and straight away we notice the jealousy that he possess towards his brother Thor. He despises the fact that him and Lady Sif are extremely close, he despises the idea that Odin prefers Thor in a higher degree compared to Loki. However Loki does not do anything drastic straight away, for in retaliation he just does what he does best and cause mischief, such as shaving Sif’s blonde hair, which is quite rather funny than evil. However the race to win Odin’s approval is a losing battle for Loki as everything he does seems to go under Odin’s nose as Thor get most of the attention. This went on until an unpleasant event occurred between Loki and the other Gods and this led him to devising a devious plan that will eventually entitle him as Loki The Destroyer.

I haven’t read much of comic books about Thor nor Loki, this being an experimental read, I was immediately hooked the story. It is told in narrative and to see Loki in such a vulnerable state really does make me feel empathetic towards him. Most of the time he is misunderstood on his actions and whenever he does a good thing it goes unnoticed. Therefore as a reader we can truly understand where the hatred and bitterness came from.

The artwork is magnificent specially when we see Loki in just a human looking state, no horns, no green clothes but rather looking like a simple fisherman it’s almost as if he is a different person. The cover pages are amazing and it will definitely give the reader a surge of excitement reading into the issues.

The only problem with this is the story felt rushed and the ending was just a little bit unclear. I personally wish it could’ve gone longer and this could’ve ended with a much better conclusion.

To sum up, Trials of Loki is still an enjoyable read and as much as it is Loki’s origin story it also shows how Thor got his mighty hammer of Mjolnir and other origin story. The artwork is magnificent and even though the story is somewhat rushed it still provides enough for readers to feel satisfied in the end. Highly recommended towards fans of Loki, if you haven’t read any Loki story yet, Trials of Loki is a great start.


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