Graphic Novel Review: Dr Strange: The Oath By Brian K. Vaughn and Marcos Martin

Critically wounded by a gunshot, Dr Strange is rushed into the clinic of Night Nurse, a practitioner that mostly tends super heroes. Prior to the events that occurred, we find out that, Dr Strange was robbed and a mystical Elixir has been taken away from him, an Elixir that has the ability to cure cancer.

This is my first time reading a Dr Strange run, although I know a few amount of information about the superhero, I haven’t had the chance to completely dwell into his character until now. Reading The Oath, I found myself thoroughly enjoying the story as it develops. However rather linear, the story was incredibly fun to follow.

The Oath is not an origin story but it does give the readers enough amount of origin story to know about Stephen Strange’s past and how he became the supreme sorcerer. The artwork is undeniably amazing and the dialogue is well written. It allows the first time readers to read into the character of Stephen Strange.

In The Oath, Stephen Strange is also accompanied by Night Nurse and Wong. Both characters are written nicely with enough emphasis on both of them to make the readers care about their character. The antagonist is someone I truly liked as he is not your typical bad guy but rather a complex character who is conflicted between what is right or wrong.

To sum up The Oath is a great series for both long time fans and new readers who are trying to get into Dr Strange. With an engrossing story and a climax that was extremely well done, it is an entertaining read that will no doubt make the reader want to read more of Dr Strange.

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