Book Review: A Dance of Cloaks By David Dalglish

Dance of Cloaks is the first book in David Dalglish’s Shadowdance series. It takes place in the dark underworld of Veldaren where thieves assassins rule the streets.

Reading Dance of Cloaks, I felt like this is another crack at a Game of Thrones feel. With the point of view jumping from character to character, having a young king rule the city and also countless deaths here and there. Although that may be the case here, I can confidently say all of it was very well written. In which I believe is one of the strong points of this book.

The setting allows you to feel each and every detail of the story, from the city of Veldaren itself to every blood splattered death that occurs. It is a graphic and gritty journey and it is one you want to keep going.

With unpredictable twists and turns you will be afraid for the character you are rooting for, except of course for Hearn as you definitely know he will live due to his involvement in Half Orcs, but apart from that no character is secure. Not only this, but even if you had picked a favorite character, he/she may turn to be the most despicable person in the book. Of course none of these will confuse you for once again the writing is superb.

To conclude, if you love a dark gritty fantasy that involves well written characters, story arcs and fight scenes. A Dance of Cloaks is a great book to read, with two books already published and one on the way. It will only be a matter of time till this series gets the recognition it truly deserves.


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