Graphic Novel Review: Colder By Paul Tobin

Colder tells the story of Declan, a man in a state of comatose with a very unusual condition, having an extremely cold body temperature at an extent that it is impossible for a normal human being to live in. However Declan is anything but normal.

Saying goes “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”, well in this case. Seeing the cover of Colder I could not help but judge. Simply put, I was mesmerized. I wanted to read it straight away, hoping to read one heck of a story. Boy was I in for a real treat.

Paul Tobin’s Colder, just by looking at it demands attention. Showing a very disturbing yet somewhat alluring cover. Colder grabs you, drags you into a world full of madness, creativity and chaos. This 5 issue series, put’s you in an extremely uncomfortable yet somewhat captivating journey. It starts by taking you in a sense of wonder and leaves you wanting more.

With an amazing cover, the rest of the artwork did not disappoint. It is nasty, dark, gory and perfectly illustrated that said it will not be suitable for people who have a weak stomach. Nonetheless the series is a must read for horror fans and horror enthusiast alike.

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