Book Review: Allgiant by Veronica Roth

Allegiant is the last book of Veronica Roth’s Divergent series. This book occurs right after Insurgent’s ending. With the factions eradicated, Tris and company faces a new threat in the form of Evelyn Johnson. Not only this but a new and mysterious group called the Allegiant is slowly rising from within the shadows of a post war Chicago.

Allegiant is one of those books that you are so very excited to read since it is the conclusion of it’s series. With a newly introduced format in the form of having a dual perspective it is both ambitious and and refreshing. That said I felt that the introduction of Four or Tobias’ perspective worked very well. Rather than reading just Tris’ perspective I found myself having fun reading Four’s as well.

However that being said, there are many problems with this book. Mainly being the flow of the story. At times, after a high octane sequence of events, where it would usually leave the reader turning pages as quickly as possible. The events following it slows down tremendously, the excitement of reading on is drained by the pointless dialogues and teenage quarrels of the two protagonists. The middle part of the book is a boredom to read and even with a few bits of explosive moments here and there it falls back directly to that slow and uninteresting pace that we had at the beginning.

Surprisingly enough the last section of the book does take you on an emotional roller coaster and has absolutely gripping moments and moments that would leave you shocked and breathless. It was written so well I am almost glad I continued reading through. Although not enough to redeem itself from the lackluster middle part, it left me somewhat satisfied.

To conclude, the book is a good end to the series. I felt that Veronica Roth achieved what she wanted for Trilogy. Although this is not as good as it’s predecessors it had it’s moments. From mind blowing revelations to tragic losses to uninteresting events it is a mixture of good and bad but it is a good finale for a Trilogy.


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