Book Review: The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

The Lost Symbol is Dan Brown’s follow up to The Da Vinci Code. Once again the Harvard educator Robert Langdon is featured as the knowledgeable symbologist. This time, he is deceivingly planted in Washington DC and as he seeks the truth about why he is there, he dives into the world of the Freemasons and uncovers secrets and mysteries involving the the enigmatic society.

The Lost Symbol is Dan Brown’s third book that involves the character Robert Langdon. Having not read the earlier books by Dan Brown, I did not know what to expect in this book, other than the fact that it involves another intriguing subject in the form of Freemasons and freemasonry. That said, I was completely overwhelmed about the information that is inserted in the book about the subject. Now whether that is a good or a bad thing, really falls onto the reader. If you enjoy trivia about the subject then you might find this thoroughly enjoyable, otherwise it might be a tiring and long journey to the finish.

However, with the amount of trivia and information that is being fed to the reader about the Freemasons. The story was easy to take in as it is a pretty linear one at that. The story does, take you on a tour to different places within Washington DC and it’s famous landmarks such as the Capitol Building, Washington Monument, Museums and more. This of course gives you the urge to travel to these places and observe them for yourself. On the other hand the story does become quite predictable as you read through. And if you are familiar with Brown’s work, there’s no doubt you will see twists and turns from a mile away.

Character wise, it was a mixture of good and bad. The antagonist, which is a strong component of the book was explained very well. His back story was very satisfying and even though he is the bad guy, at times I found myself rooting for him and no doubt he will be one of your favorite characters. Nevertheless one might see that his motivation for his actions were weak. Robert Langdon was also written exceptionally well apart from his usual banter of trivia on arbitrary objects, he was written in a very charismatic way.

To conclude, The Lost Symbol is a great addition to Dan Brown’s series. With this one tackling the world of Freemasonry it is an informative book as it was thrilling. Of course with the information and research put in to the book, one can’t help to research on his/her own. That said, it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea and even if you’re a long time Brown reader you might find this a disappointing addition but for readers seeking for an informative thriller. They would find this an enjoyable read.


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