Book Review: Inferno By Dan Brown

Inferno is Dan Brown’s fourth latest installment to the adventures of Robert Langdon. Now as bad as that sounds, this adventure is a huge step up from The Lost Symbol . In Inferno, Robert Langdon wakes up in a hospital in Venice, experiencing anterograde amnesia. At the same time he finds himself being hunted down by assassins and discovers that once again, he is racing against time to save the world, this time, from a devastating plague.

Now all of these really does sound a typical Dan Brown Novel but one might think, what makes Inferno unique? Well to begin with, the subject surrounding this whole novel is not a part of a conspiracy theory. Angels & Demons having theories on Catholic Church and The Illuminati. The Da Vinci Code having the works of Da Vinci and The Lost Symbol having the Freemasons. Inferno on the other hand, was inspired by Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy, Dante’s Inferno . In which is an imaginative poem from the mind of Dante.

Apart from the formulaic structure that Brown has going on with his symbologist. The book is an exhilarating read with the threat completely magnified compared to the last book. The effect if successful is truly devastating, thus you hope for Robert to save the day. Another positive aspect of the book is the usual banter of Robert Langdon on art, sculpture, buildings and of course on Dante’s poem. Once again, these were truly intriguing and like before, it gives you that urge to go see these objects for yourself. Although to many readers this would definitely seem as another “did you know” moment and no doubt would completely disregard it’s input.

Not only is the threat improved but also instead of just running around within a city. The protagonist goes country to country. Traveling from Italy to Turkey. And like before both countries are written exceptionally well, highlighting the major landmarks within the countries. Another familiar concept in Brown’s books is the twist. Although Inferno have some very shocking twist and reveals. Some may be predictable and could be somewhat disappointing.

To conclude, Inferno should just feel at home for readers who loves Brown’s works. You can definitely see Brown hoping to get a film adaptation of this book and he may very well succeed if not he already have. It is a high paced thriller that would keep you turning page until the very end and it is a great improvement from Brown’s last book.

One thought on “Book Review: Inferno By Dan Brown

  1. This book.. beyond words. I think it’ll be quite exciting if the book gets turned into a film. I guess every Dan Brown would love it as much as they loved the last 2 film adaptations. ❤

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