Book Review: American Gods by Neil Gaiman

American Gods follows the extraordinary tale of an ex convict called Shadow. Recently released from a 3 year service in prison, Shadow rushes home in hopes to look into his wife’s mysterious death days before his release. However on the way home, he encounters a charming, mysterious man who calls himself Mr. Wednesday. Persuaded by Mr Wednesday’s incredibly detailed knowledge on Shadow’s life. Shadow finds himself employed under Mr Wednesday, who then drags Shadow into a world full of gods and an impending war between them.

This is the first Neil Gaiman book I’ve read and with all the awards it got I simply couldn’t wait to read the book. That said it was a decision I did not one bit regret. Having minimal knowledge on the premise of the book, I did not know what to expect, except that I’m reading a story about a man named Shadow. As the story goes on, it slowly captivates me as I turn and read every single page. Every detail, every character, every moment, every little story has a purpose to serve. All of it are cleverly connected and as the reader figures out the bigger picture it gives that sense of satisfaction you get solving an intricate puzzle.

To sum up, this book can be considered a modern mythological tale. A story that takes the reader into a magical journey and makes the reader wanting more. It is a highly recommended book for anyone to read. Whether you love fantasy or not, it is one worth spending time with. If you are a lover of Mythology, it is one you should definitely read.


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