Book Review: World War Z by Max Brooks

Having watched the movie first, I was curious on how the book differs from the movie but now that I have read the book I was totally caught by surprise. Rather than having a typical book structure in which most of the time we follow a story protagonist or a character, World War Z’s structure was unique and it made a very interesting read.

The writing is structured as an interview, we don’t really get to know who the interviewer is but rather we get to listen to the stories of the interviewees. That said, it is definitely one of the key aspects of this book. All the interviewees are from different parts of the world telling their own stories during the zombie invasion. Coming from China, India, Russia all the way to South Africa and so much more, it takes you on a global trip. Not only this but the professions of the interviewees ranges from soldiers to doctors to movie stars to a random teenager in his room. Of course all of these little stories, culminates to a one unforgettable story.

The interviews gives details on the genesis of the zombie war, how people coped with the rising epidemic and how the army reacted to this unusual adversity. Knowing this, it should be a very simple story to follow. There are interviews that just tells a simple yet fascinating tale but there are also interviews that are confusing and might be difficult to follow. Most of these would come from army interviews as they would usually use a lot of acronyms and slang that would be quite difficult to remember at times. Sure they tell you what it means from the start but as you read on. The definitions of said acronyms and slang gets harder and harder to remember and the fact that there were just too many makes it more difficult to follow.

But other than that, the interviews does give you tales that would take you in an emotional roller coaster ride, with twists and reveals that would leave you in shock. It gives you that surge of energy to read on to the next interview.

To conclude, World War Z is an extraordinary book that I recommend to anyone who loves a zombie story. I can easily see why the film was not made to be exactly like this book but I can only hope for an animated version of the interviews. It is an absolutely amazing take on a world wide zombie invasion.


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